Are you hosting a private party but need professionally made personal food? Look no further. Karahi King can come to you even if you can’t come to us. With our radiant selection of fine foods and a great variety to choose from, you are sure to be the star of the show with our award winning meals!

Hosting an event is stressful and the food you present can make or break the success of your party. Be sure to “wow” your guests with our delicious food from platters, starters, main meals and desserts. Not only will our food be visually appealing, smell beautiful and taste delicious, but our our food is wholesome, nutritious and our portions generous.

Whether your guests are adventurous eaters, vegetarians or don’t know much about different cuisines, we will make sure everyone leaves feeling like they ate amazing food and took something away from their experience of eating Karahi King Indian cuisine!

Our speciality choices are grills, barbeques, curries and vegetarian choices.

Call us further information on our outside catering services.