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SIDES                                                      DRINKS
       Plain Dahi                                 £1.20           Mango Lassi                                £2.95
       Yogurt.                                                    Tradi onal Punjabi mango yogurt drinks.
       Raita Mix                                  £1.60           Sweet Lassi                                £2.45
       Spiced yogurt with chopped cucumber, tomatoes and onions.  Tradi onal Punjabi sweet yogurt drink
       Salad (small)                              £1.95           Sweet Lassi                                £2.45
       Cucumber, tomatoes, le uce and onions.                     Tradi onal Punjabi salted yogurt drink
       Salad (large)                              £2.95           Mango Shakes                               £2.95
       Cucumber, tomatoes, le uce and onions.                     Milk Shakes                                £2.95
       Onion Salad                                £1.25           Flavour strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and banana.
       Onions, lemon, chillies.                                   So  Drinks                                 £1.25
       Chopped Salad                              £1.95           Fanta, Sprite Can.
       Cube chopped salad.                                        So  Drinks                                 £1.95
       Pappad Fried                               £0.30           Coke, Diet Coke 330ml Bo le
                                                                  Red Bull                                   £2.25
                                                                  Juices                                     £1.95
                                                                  Orange, guava, lychee, mango, passion fruit.
       Fries                                      £1.20           Mineral Water (s ll)                       £2.50
       Fries Large                                £1.50           Sparkling Water                            £2.95
       Kebab Roll (regular)                       £5.25           Tonic Water                                £2.95
       Kebab Roll (large)                         £5.95           J2O                                        £2.50
       Three seekh kebabs served with chopped salad wrapped in a   Apple and mango, apple & raspberry, orange & passion fruit.
       finally baked tandoori naan.                                Draught Beer                               £3.95
       Mix Roll                                   £5.25           Cobra
       Seekh kebabs and chicken  kka with chopped salad in a freshly   Bo led Beer                           £3.65
       baked tandoori naan.                                       King Fisher, Cobra
       Reshmi Kebab Roll                          £4.95           Fosters, Corona & Budweiser Bo le          £2.50
       Two chicken kebabs served with chopped salad in a freshly baked
       tandoori naan.                                             DESSERTS
       Paneer Tikka Roll     V                    £4.50
       Indian cheese served with chopped salad wrapped in a freshly   Rasmalai                               £2.45
       baked tandoori naan.                                       Tradi onal Indian sweet milk curds in cardamon and saffron
       Allu Tikki Roll     V                      £3.25           flavoured milk with sprinkling of pistachio nuts.
       Potato cake served with chopped salad in a freshly baked   Gajerala                                   £2.45
       tandoori naan.                                             Heart warming Indian carrot cake.
       Chicken Tikka Roll                         £4.95           Gulab Jamun (2 pieces)                     £2.45
       Chicken  ika served with chopped salad in a freshly baked   Sweet Indian so  sponge cake in a sugar syrup.
       tandoori naan.                                             Ice Cream                                  £1.95
       Fish Tikka Roll                            £6.50           Vanilla, chocolate of strawberry.
       Fish  kka served with chopped salad in a freshly baked naan.  Indian Kulfi                             £2.95
                                                                  Enjoyable Indian ice cream in pistachio, malai Indian cream,
                                                                  mango and almond.
                                                                  Faluda                                     £4.50
                                                                  Yummy Indian ice cream topped pistachio, katrigund, tukmana,
                                                                  sweet milk and sweet syrup.
                   All credit cards accpted


       Have your guest impress with Karahi King excep onal outdoor catering service.
       Karahi king does not tolerate any abuse or voilance towards any customer or staff members. Anyone found doing so will be asked to leave the premises
       and many prosecuted. We would like to remind everyone that these premises are covered by 24 HR CCTV survelliance. We would like everyone to
       respect that they are in a pubic place and any an -social behaviour will result in police ac on immediately. Please respect the facili es in the restaurant
       as there are others who have to share them with you. Anybody found damaging restaurant property will be prosecuted and reported to the police.
       Karahi King reserves the right not to serve anyone or allow admi ance to the restaurant. Alcohol is not permi ed to be consumed or brought on  the
       premises a er 10PM. The management does not take responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal belongings. Sea ng  me for all reserva ons
       are a maximum of 2 hour only. We thank all our customers for the their support.

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