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CHEF’S SPECIAL STARTERS                                     Bu er Chicken                              £8.45
                                                                  Mouth watering boneless chicken in creamy sweet bu er sauce.
       Bullet Chilli Lamb                         £8.95           Chicken Tikka Masala                       £8.45
       Lamb cooked with onion, crushed black pepper and bullet chilli.  Delectable boneless tandoori chicken  kka served in spicy masala gravy.
       Hazarvi Kebab                              £8.45           Bhuna Chicken                              £8.45
       Chicken marinated with chopped ginger, garlic, cheese, coriander,   Boneless chicken cooked with capsicum and tomatoes.
       yogurt and cooked in tandoor.                              Chilli Chicken                             £8.45
       Pudina Bo                                  £8.95
                                                                  Lip smacking chicken prepared with chilli masala sauce.
       Lamb marinated with mint, coriander, yogurt, cooked in tandoor.  Chicken Dhansak                      £8.45
       Lasooni Prawn                             £11.95
                                                                  Delicately cooked chicken in len ls and fresh lemon, sweet & sour
       King prawns marinated in garlic, yogurt & spices, cooked in tandoor.
                                                                  Ginger Chicken                             £8.45
       CHEF’S SPECIAL MAIN DISHES                                 Spiced chicken with fresh ginger slices.   £8.45
                                                                  Methi Chicken
       Chicken Chi nad                            £9.95           Fresh fenugreek leaves cooked with succulent boneless chicken.
       South Indian chicken cooked in mustard seeds, curry leaf, chillies   Chicken Korma                    £8.45
       and spices.                                                Delicious pieces of chicken cooked with nuts in a creamy  sauce.
       Chicken Kali Mirch                         £9.95           Chicken Jalfrezi                           £8.45
       Chicken cooked in crushed black pepper, spices in creamy sauce.  Onion spiced capsicum, and sauce with boneless chicken.
       Karahi King Fish Curry                     £9.45           Jeera Chicken                              £8.45
       Tilapia fish cooked in Indian spice masala with mustard seeds,   Punjabi style chicken cooked in cumin and spicy masala sauce.
       curry leaves and coconut.                                  Chicken Vindaloo                           £8.45
       Karahi King Prawn Curry                   £11.95           Chicken cooked with potatoes in a hot spicy masala sauce.
       Prawns cooked in Indian spice masala with mustard seeds, curry   Prawn Tikka Masala                  £11.95
       leaves.                                                    Tasty tandoori prawns cooked in a creamy bu er sauce.
       Veg Makhani                                £6.95
                   V N
       Tomato sauce, creamy and sweet.                            RICE DISHES
       Veg Jaipuri                                £6.95           Plain Basma  Rice                          £2.95
       Mix vegetables cooked in onion, tomato sauce & mustard seeds.               V
       Paneer Makhmali                            £6.95           Pilau Rice                                 £3.45
                       V N
       Indian cheesed cooked in creamy sauce.                     Indian spiced rice.
                                                                  Jeera Peas Rice                            £3.45
      BIRYANI DISHES                                              Rice with peas and cumin seeds.
                                                                  Mushroom Rice                              £3.95
       Lamb Biryani                               £8.95           Rice with bu on mushroom.
       Tradi onal masala lamb tossed in rice.                     Egg Fried Rice                             £3.95
       Chicken Biryani                            £7.95           Rice tossed with a fried egg.
       Authen c masala chicken tossed in rice.                    Keema Rice                                 £5.45
       Chicken Tikka Biryani                      £8.50           Lamb minced with rice.
       Tandoori masala chicken tossed in rice.
       King Prawn Biryani                        £10.70           BREADS
       Delectable masala king prawn tossed in rice.               Plain Naan                                 £1.45
       Fish Biryani                               £9.20
                                                                  Tradi onal bread baked in tandoor oven.
       Gently cooked fish tossed in rice.                          Tandoori Ro                                £1.30
       Vegetable Biryani                          £7.50
                                                                  Tradi onal crispy flat bread, baked in tandoor oven.
       Masala assorted vegetables tossed in rice.
                                                                  Garlic Naan                                £2.20
      KARAHI MAIN DISHES                                          Naan topped with fresh garlic and baked in tandoor oven.
                                                                  Garlic Chilli Naan                         £2.40
       Karahi lamb                                £9.45           Naan topped with fresh garlic & chillies, baked in tandoor oven.
       Succulent pieces of lamb cooked in pepper, onion & spicy masala sauce.  Keema Naan                    £3.25
       Lamb Vindaloo                              £9.25           Naan stuffed with monced lamb, baked in tandoor oven.
                                                                                 V N
       Lamb cooked with potatoes in a hot spicy masala sauce.     Peshawari Naan                             £2.95
       Bhuna Lamb                                 £9.25           Naan stuffed with nuts and baked in tandoor oven.
       Tradi onally cooked lamb with fresh capsicum  and tomatoes.  Cheese Naan                              £2.95
       Saag Lamb                                  £9.25           Naan stuffed with cheese and baked in tandoor oven.
       Classically cooked lamb with Punjabi style spinach in special karahi sauce.  Lacha Paratha            £2.50
       Bhindi Lamb                                £9.45           Bu er layered chapa  baked in tandoor oven.
       Lamb cooked with lady finger in a special karahi sauce.     Tawa Paratha                               £2.30
       Lamb Dhansak                               £9.25           Bu er layered chapa  cooked on a flat plan.
       Generous piece of lamb cooked in len ls and fresh lemon juice,   Tandoori Keema Paratha               £2.95
       sweet and sour.                                            Bu er spiced chapa  stuffed with lamb mince, cooked in tandoor
       Lamb Korma                                 £9.25           Allu Paratha                               £2.80
       Juicy pieces of lamb cooked in a creamy sweet gravy.       Bu er spiced chapa  stuffed with potatoes, cooked in tandoor.
       Keema Peas                                 £9.25           Chapa                                      £1.40
       Spiced minced lamb and peas.                               Tradi onal Indian flat bread.
       Karahi Chicken                             £8.25           Onion Kulcha                               £2.95
       Boneless Chicken and pepper, onion in spicy masala sauce.  Naan stuffed with onion and spices, baked in tandoor oven.
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